OLFA tools are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children !


OLFA model GSR-2


A small version of GSR-1. A compact scraper suitable for cleaning such as glass and small spaces of a kitchen. 

Cleaning glass surface by scraping off dirt comes in request not only when putting up and refurbishing a new building, but also for periodical cleaning. To make buildings look as beautiful as possible, there is demand, not just for scraping off dirt on windows, but also for maintaining by re-covering routinely cutting sheets and window films. Also for household purposes, a compact GSR-2 scraper can be user-friendly enough, and perfect for scraping on a small area and a curved surface. The X-design handle is known for its strenght, rigidity, and acetone-resistance.

The blade and metallic components are all stainless steel, and the body structure prevents water and dirt from building up inside, which makes it possible to keep it clean.

The blade container can be used as a blade cover.