Types and uses of OLFA products


We will guide you to the product that best suits your needs.



"I need a knife that I can use at home and in the office to cut thin materials like  a paper ..."



"I need a compact knife that I can easily cut through the cardboard ..."




"I am looking for a knife that can handle a wide range of materials, from paper to thin plywood ..."


Extra Heavy-Duty

" I work with thick materials, so I need a knife with a blade that can do the job ..."


Rotary cutters

"I am looking for a handy tool that can easily cut fabrics, film, etc ..."


Safety models

"I need a safe knife for work in the warehouse ..."



"I am looking for effective cleaning tool for ceramic electric hobs ..."


Heavy-duty scrapers

"I need a durable tool for scraping walls and floors..." 


Blade disposal cases

"I need a safe and easy way to break off and dispose of blades ..." 


Cutting mats

"I am looking for a durable cutting base for comfortable and long use...." 


Quilt rulers

"I need a handy ruler for quilting ..." 



"I am looking for durable, sharp scissors for cutting technical fabrics ..."