OLFA tools are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children !


OLFA model GSR-1


Glass Scraper

The PP resin, which is common with the X-design cutter knives, provides enhanced durability and high acetone-resistance. With solid thin stainless steel blade holding plate, handle is kept as thin as possible; its thickest part is only 7mm-thick. Treads on handle and blade cover help users find a perfect grip. Stainless steel blade is perfect for use with dishwashing liquid or dish bleach. Blade is firmly fixed in the holder. Blade exchange needs no special tools.  To exchange the blade loosen the screw, slide down the blade holding plate to free the wedged blade.  

Safety Blade Cover is adjustable for a perfect handle, depending on scraping circumstances.  Put it on the other side of the handle not to lose while using; slide it in sideways. Putting blade cover on gives users a fatter grip. 

Dimensions of the scraper are 130mm x 95mm x 7mm (14mm with screw and blade cover) Weight: 115 grams

For professional cleaning paint and dirt from glass windows. Scrape off bonding left on window frames. Clean wet area with liquid detergent: toilets, bathtubs and kitchen sinks. Perfect for work at where water is circulated.

It fits to

OLFA blades GSB-1S

OLFA blades GSB-1S

Stainless blades for GSR-1 scraper