Tough blade in compact appearance


The Power of X: The wraparound grip made of elastomer and glass-fiber-reinforced polipropylene is for maximum handling and control.  The knife has a metal pick for all of those tasks where you should not use your blade tip.  It is perfect for opening paint cans, removing plate covers, and cleaning out caulk. Plus, the handle is chemically resistant to paint.

Perfect size: big enough for men, small enough for woman!

The 12,5mm-wide blade is neither standard-duty nor heavy-duty, designed to bridge the gap between the 2 traditional sizes. Medium sized MTB and new pre-loaded black blade MTBB offer more compact and lightweight than the 18mm with enough toughness in blade.

If you are finding it too much to carry a heavyish 18mm handle, and it a bit too helpless to carry a compact 9mm one, the XMT-1 is the solution.  The XMT-1 is a pocketable as a 9mm handle to go along for one  workday, and cuts stronger than they expect from its compact appearance.  

Bonus pack  XMT-1/3BB with 3 free MTBB blades will be available for you to enjoy a successful launch.

However, we will have to wait for the premiere of the new knife - we will inform you about its availability as soon as it appears in our warehouse.