Olfa Corporation  launched the brand “OLFA WORKS”, which offers new value as outdoor gear , and replaceable bushcraft knives.   BK1, FK1 replacement field knife and FS1 field saw blade will be released.  Olfa has been providing high quality as a pioneer in cutter knives. "OLFA WORKS" will further pursue Olfa's commitment to tools and provide new value as outdoor gear. Functionality born from sticking to tools and a simple sense of "cool" give you the joy you have. Outdoor knives utilizing the mechanism of cutter knives. The foldable outdoor knife employs a mechanism in which the approximate one is stored by rotating the cutting edge 180 degrees around the axis.  The outdoor knife released by OLFA WORKS is a slide type that can be easily stored by applying the mechanism of the cutter knife, and when the sharpness drops, instead of polishing it, replace only the blade and replace it.

Product lineup

Replaceable blade bushcraft knife BK1  -   a "bushcraft" knife is one that would excel at woodworking, carving, etc. Not so much a hunting, tactical or survival knife, rather more of a bush tool.. A bush tool in the same manner of a camp ax or hatchet.  A versatile replacement blade-type bushcraft knife equipped with a special stainless steel 1.2mm thick blade. It is a size that does not get in the way of carrying it and can be washed in water.

Replaceable blade field knife FK1  -  field knife should be part of your bare essentials on every adventure.  While the feeling of use is like a general cutter knife, the blade is polished with a corrugated shape, so even slippery materials (ropes, PET bottles, etc.) can be firmly caught and cut smoothly. The rear of the main unit has a handy claw that can be used for many purposes.

Replaceable blade type field saw FS1 - a full-scale dressing with "upper eyes" and a smooth-edged saw blade. It has durability and toughness by impact quenching, and the cutting edge lasts longer. It is also useful for cutting branches and trees in the outdoors and DIY. (106mm)

OLFA WORKS is currently an offer only for the Japanese market, but maybe something will change in the future. The reaction of native consumers will probably be decisive.