OLFA soul

This book is published as the second installment of the MOOK book series "Soul MOOK", which approaches the spirit of Japanese manufacturing. From the story behind the development of the "folding blade type cutter" created by OLFA, posters and POP It includes various developments, tours of the Olfa cutter manufacturing plant that are not usually seen by people, and interviews with creators who loved Olfa's cutter knives and have created numerous art works.

1/ At the beginning, COLOR CREATION, a super talented group of singing voices, challenged cardboard art with Olfa products. Includes a plan to make an original cardboard wallet under the guidance of Fuyuki Shimazu, a cardboard artist who travels around the world and collects and uses cardboard boxes from various places to create handmade wallets.

2/  Shizuko Kuroha  -  Japanese quilt icon

3/  Shu Kubo  -   a leading Japanese artist of the contemporary variety of kiri-e

4/ Naofumi Hana  - a master of three-dimensional cutouts 

5/ Masaki Odaka   - a virtuoso of cardboard creatures

6/  Keizo Hayashi  - creator of multi-layered choshi-art images

7/ Natsuko Taguchi - an eraser stamp creator

In addition, this is the definitive edition of the Olfa Guide, which introduces Olfa from a variety of fields, including the full lineup of Olfa products.

Soul MOOK special original appendix is a luxurious two-piece set. Both are items that can only be obtained from this book, and they are sure to be great collector items for OLFA fans.

1. "Soul S type" which customized black S type cutter knife reaching the 50th anniversary of sale. Based on the black S type, which has been celebrating its 50th anniversary as a staple of Orfa's cutter knives, the entire body has a fearless gun metallic paint and the original logo is printed.
Furthermore, this magazine's original cutter knife with the best matching black blade attached to the body is "Soul S type".

2. "Canvas pouch" with a logo, which can hold a large number of small items, has a yellow interior with an Olfa image to make it easier to check the contents. Comes with a carabiner that is convenient to carry.