KITTER is a new OLFA’s cutter, that was developed with the concept of "to educate tools that children can use freely and safely" from "tools and stationary items that only adults can handle" in order to change the manner of such cutters.

Characteristically, blades covered with plastic. The risk of injury during use and replacement of blades is kept to a minimum by minimizing the exposure of the blades while keeping the folding blade type, as well as being rounded and light. The body is designed to make it easy to grasp even with the hands of children. The blade folding device also fulfills the role of a stand and a series of movements from "cutting" to "folding a blade" "tidy up" .  

Olfa delivers a new "sharpening experience" through Kitter, open up a future where children can freely challenge and enjoy self expression, and will continue to proactively propose the possibilities of cutters.

Design for kids who can watch with confidence
(1) minimize possible injuries by minimizing blade exposure!
(2) since the entire blade is covered with plastic, it is safe to change the blade!
(3) because it is rounded and light, easy to grasp even with children's hands!