Changes to OLFA cutting mats

Due to EU restrictions on the marketing of products containing phthalates, producers and suppliers must strive to comply with these provisions.
Therefore, some changes are waiting for us soon for the cutting mats manufactured by OLFA Corporation.

Despite the fact that in the material from which OLFA cutting mats are made, the level of unacceptable DEHP phthalate is at a much lower level than allowed by standards, OLFA decided to suspend the sale of these mats to EU countries from May 2020.

This does not mean, however, resignation from the European market - OLFA has prepared the production of cutting mats with a chemical composition modified in accordance with EU regulations, which will be approved for sale in the EU after July 7, 2020, when the new regulations will start. The new mats will be produced in parallel with the mats of the current chemical composition, and as a result they will be replaced on the EU market.

The EU regulations discussed above allow the sale of products that entered the EU before the new regulations entered into force - until stocks last.