A new variant of the BTC-1 scraper

The Bettachi knife (BTC-1) has been present on the Japanese market since 1982 and has become known there as a great tool for cutting leather. This knife is modeled on the tool that was used in medieval Japan to cut leather and straps for saddles and samurai armor. The solid construction of this tool gives you the ability to use it in a variety of ways and allows you to use a lot of force. Locking with a screw guarantees secure immobilization of the blade. This knife has gained recognition in the upholstery, saddlery and plastics industries as a tool for cutting, chamfering and beveling edges. It also works very well as a scraper for cleaning smooth surfaces.

It is often said that the best is the enemy of the good. However, OLFA is not afraid of challenges and does not shy away from introducing modernized versions of the tools which are already on the market. An example of such action is the new version of the Bettachi knife marked with the BTC-1/DX symbol.

The biggest advantage of this tool over its predecessor is the ability to freely change the position of the head using a screw lock. This results in 11 blade settings, from which you can choose the optimal one for you. The illustration shows examples of uses for different blade settings.
To change the tool from a scraper to a knife or vice versa, simply reverse the head.

The replaceable square BTB-1 blade with a width of 43mm (two cutting edges) is protected by a polypropylene sheath that can be opened and closed in one motion. Changing the blade does not require an additional tool.

BTC-1/DX model is not available in Poland yet, we will inform you on our page as soon as it will be.

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OLFA blades BTB-1

OLFA blades BTB-1

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