OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear safety goggles. Always be alert and attentive when using a cutter or knife. Take the time to fully learn the correct use and limitations of any cutter. Never assume that you know how to properly use a knife. Store knives and blades in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children !

Safety knives

OLFA model SK-12


All stainless steel safety knife

New safety knife features stainless steel body and blade. The blade is auto retractable - just like best selling SK-4 model and other safety knives. Prevents workers from getting injured. No tools are required to exchange the blade. Knife has a hole on the bottom to be hanged on the wall or used with strap. Can be marked No. , name etc. Knife is washable - perfect for environment where keen sanitarity is requisite. Can be washed with sodium hypochlorite.

The knife is metal detectable - all stainless body makes it more accurate to detect with metal detective machine /compared to metal detectable plastic/.
※ Metal Detector is NOT perfect. Detecting ability also differs depending on the machine and/ or category of food being detected.

The knife is NSF approved. It means that product has been put through rigorous testing and meets the NSF standards. For approval receives the seal to be placed on the product. The NSF seal is generally accepted by country health departments. Products are repeatedly tested year after year to ensure that they are still meeting the standards.

Main target market for this knife is food industry - restaurant, food factory /※ not for cutting food/  and workplace where the tools needs to be washed or can get wet / ※ excluding mining industry/.
Along with the OLFA blade quality, the best possible method SK-12 features what tight-controlled food industry needs. Again, it is a promising product, the best possible way to solve the problems that food industry faces. 

New stainless steel blade SKB-2S is compatible not only with SK-12 but also with existing SK-4, SK-5, and SK-9

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Blades for the all stainless steel safety knife "SK-12".