OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear safety goggles. Always be alert and attentive when using a cutter or knife. Take the time to fully learn the correct use and limitations of any cutter. Never assume that you know how to properly use a knife. Store knives and blades in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children !

Safety knives

OLFA model SK-10


Securely cuts shrink-wraps and plastic straps

The SK-10 contributes a safe environment to workplaces such as delivery center and warehouse company. Blade is in deep in the heart of handle for limited exposure to avoid unintended cuts. OLFA Stretch Wrap Cutter SK-10 is designed to avoid damage content of a box.

The SK-10 featuring a beak-shaped guide for a "scoop-cut" cuts down shrink wraps, plastic straps and cushioning materials. Stainless tape slitter cuts packaging tape without damaging content of a box. Acetone and impact resistant handle . One reversible SKB-10 blade provides 4 cutting points.



It fits to

OLFA blades SKB-10

OLFA blades SKB-10

Exclusive blade for safety knife SK-10