OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear safety goggles. Always be alert and attentive when using a cutter or knife. Take the time to fully learn the correct use and limitations of any cutter. Never assume that you know how to properly use a knife. Store knives and blades in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children !

Blade disposal cases

OLFA model DC-3

The DC-3 blade disposal case features a black plastic "tambour door" that securely covers the blade slot when not in use and slides open when the user is ready to snap a new edge. It easily fits into a pocket, toolbox, or designers workstation and is perfect for use at construction sites, industrial worksites, etc.

The cardboard inner box contains 10 cases, but you can buy them individually. After tearing off the marked part of the packaging, it can be used as a counter dispenser.