OLFA blades are extremely sharp. Handle with care. Wear safety goggles. Always be alert and attentive when using a cutter or knife. Take the time to fully learn the correct use and limitations of any cutter. Never assume that you know how to properly use a knife. Store knives and blades in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children !

Rotary knives

OLFA model 45-C


Rotary carpet cutter

Carpet cutter equipped with a 45mm rotary blade for cutting linoleum, carpet, etc. Blade doesn't rotate, turns to expose a fresh blade edge.

It fits to

OLFA blades RB45

OLFA blades RB45

Rotary 45mm blade for rotary cutters

OLFA blades RB45H

OLFA blades RB45H

Endurance Rotary Blade