Polish Patchwork Association


A large group of OLFA tools is a very important element of equipment for patchwork workshops around the world. No wonder then that patchworks are close to us and we try to support all initiatives aimed at popularizing them in Poland.

A very important event for us was the founding initiative of the Polish Patchwork Association. Such associations already exist, among others in Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Spain. In the USA alone, the patchwork and quilting group currently numbers over 20 million people. Thanks to the initiative of eighteen Polish determined patchwork enthusiasts on March 7, 2016, the Polish Patchwork Association was officially registered.

The founding of the Association was another logical step facilitating the dissemination of patchwork in Poland and supporting its development. The aim of the Association is primarily to undertake and promote educational activities for the dissemination of patchwork art in Poland, supporting creators involved in developing this form of handicrafts, organizing patchwork exhibitions, organizing competitions and patchwork courses.