Susan L.Throckmorton

Susan L. Throckmorton taught herself to cut paper in Warsaw, Poland, where she presently lives for part of the year. Before that she received a BA in history from Mt. Holyoke College, an MA in Education from Michigan State University, and an MLS (Master of Library Science ) from SUNY, Albany. She has worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in India, the Registrar and Curator of Education at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT and as a teacher and/or librarian in schools in Poland, India, Pakistan, the former Yugoslavia, Finland, and in a one-room schoolhouse in northern Vermont.

Susan has exhibited her papercutting work in Poland, Germany, Holland, China,  and the U.S. Her work is in the permanent collection of museums in Poland, Germany, China, and the U.S. and in the private collections of people throughout the world. Her papercuttings have also won awards and have been published in magazines and books.  In 2007 she was acknowledged an “International Distinguished Paper-Cutting Arts Master” in China.

She is an active member of the Guild of American Papercutting where she has served on its Board and as Co-Editor of its 3 publications. Her own previous publications include The Humply Rumply Beast: Poems and Papercuts and They’ll be Back: A Papercutting Story. Two other books, each illustrated with her papercuttings, are being printed at present: Spring Rain is Like Spaghetti: Stories from a One-Room School and Minimals: MiniPoems about MiniAnimals.  Susan feels papercutting is an underrated art form and hopes that her work and writing will encourage people to appreciate and help it flourish.

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