Patchwork School


Anna Slawinska - a quilter and a teacher. A trained engineer. She was the owner of marketing agency before she retired. She is the owner of the first School of Patchwork in Poland. Her school was founded in 2013. She is also a member of Polish Patchwork Association. 

She has led over 150 quilt courses and trained over 350 students, some of them took part in 20 different trainings. The best Polish quilters are also teaching in the School of Patchwork. She has been publishing newsletter for quilters for over three years. Over 500 people have subscribed to receive this unique newsletter. 

She has been quilting for over 35 years. She has taken part in seven individual and even more collective exhibitions at home and abroad. Her quilts took first place in quilting contents organized by Strima (2011) and Lucznik (2013). In August 2016 her quilt "Trifid Nebula" was exposed during the biggest quilting exhibition in Europe in Birmingham in the category of Fine Art Quilt Masters. Her favourite quilting trend is "artistic trend", and her favourite techniques are "confetti" and "stitch and slash". Using these techniques she is"painting" her quilts using fabrics. She likes to experiment with fabrics. She is also fascinated by recycling art. She has created her authors technique called "laciaki" ("patches"). This is her way of giving a new life to old clothes.