OLFA model L-7 colour


To pay special attention to the L-7 / L7-AL model, OLFA offers a limited, at an attractive price, a colorful series of this model. Both the L-7 and L7-AL models, in addition to the classic black&yellow handles, are available in three other color versions, in which black has been replaced by colors - pink, blue and dark green. In addition, the attractiveness of these tools is increased by the fact that one of the special blades - Speed Blade with a fluorinated cutting edge LFB - was mounted in them.

LFB is a blade whose cutting edge - subjected to two-stage honing, has been enriched with a coating of fluorinated polymer. The low friction of the polymer coating at the edge of the blade results in a reduction of the force required to cut the material, a smooth cut and a long lasting exceptional initial cutting capacity. This type of technology is used, among others in the production of razor blades.

Limited offer - first come, first serve !



New Heavy Duty cutter with a lanyard hole in a holder