How to use a cutter knife properly

OLFA cutters and knives are used everyday 
in a variety of applications worldwide.

To ensure safety while using OLFA products, please follow some guidelines.

Do you have the right tool for the job?
Be sure to use the appropriate cutter and
blade for the material and thickness being
Is the blade sticking out further than you need?
When extending a blade, be sure to keep the top
segment line tucked underneath the blade sheath.
Are you using a good blade?
Use a blade with a good cutting edge. It will
help to ensure safety, eliminate damage to
your project and assure a crisp clean cut.
Is your free hand in the wrong place?
Think about where your free hand is. If you put it in the cutting direction and use too much force, you can seriously injure yourself!
When snapping off blades …
Use OLFA's safety blade disposal case or
snap-off the dull edge with a pair of pliers.
Are you using a thin ruler?
The blade can slide over thin rulers and seriously
injure you !  So, use a thick ruler and cut along
the edge of it with the cutter.
Is your work area cluttered?
Before beginning a project, be sure to
organize your work area.
Are you focused enough to use a cutter?
Be alert when using a cutter.  If you are exhausted or in a hurry, please be careful.
Is your cutter stored in a safe place?
Always be sure to store blades safely in the handle and keep your cutter out of the reach
of children. It is also a good idea to keep your cutter in a known place.
Are you using a mat?
You should have an OLFA mat as your cutting base. An OLFA cutting mat will help you avoid damaging the surface of your work area and
help your blades last longer.