Paper models contest - Przeciszów 2018


The organizers of the XVIII Paper Models Contest for the "Cup of the Mayor of Przeciszów Commune" are the Municipal Office in Przeciszów, the Municipal Public Library in Przeciszów and the Modeling Club "Orzeł" in Przeciszów. The partner of the undertaking is JAGELLO 2000 - organizer of air shows in Ostrava (NATO DAYS).

The competition aims to popularize paper modeling among children and youth as one of the forms of spending free time, shaping manual skills and spatial imagination, implementation to accuracy and regularity at work. The competition aims to integrate the modeling environment from different regions of the country and from abroad, exchange of experience related to paper modeling and promotion of the Przeciszów municipality - the organizers say. The competition in Przeciszów has become one of the most important model competitions of this type in Poland and has gained international rank. We are facing another competition and next model challenges - Przeciszów 2018 !