"White and Red"


The year 2018 is the century of Poland regaining its independence. The Association of Polish Patchwork, wishing to join the celebration of this beautiful anniversary, invited sewing patchworks in our national colors. In January 2018, a competition for sewing a quilts in the colors of our flag was announced, hence the name "White and Red". Only fabrics in different shades of these two colors could be used to make it. On November 10, 2018, the first presentation of the works and the announcement of the results of the competition took place. We invite you to the Theater of Rybnik in  city Rybnik for the vernissage of the exhibition entitled "White and Red"

The exhibition includes works qualified for the competition and taking part only in the exhibition. There are 70 beautiful large and small patchwork exposed. The exhibition is organized together with the Polish Patchwork Association.

The main competition laureates have collected the following works:

In the category of "large works" -   1st place - Sylwia Ignatowska - "Waleczny II",   2nd place - Mirosława Pucek - "Budowanie",  and 3rd place - Hanna Siebierwska - "Ażurowa kula".

In the category of "small works" -   1st place - Marzenna Lew - "Poczta Polska", 2nd place - Magdalena Gąsowska - "Tata", and 3rd place - Urszula Kubicka-Kraszyńska - "Motherland".

A full list of the winners can be seen on the Association's website here. However, here you can see a lot of works exhibited at the exhibition.