Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2018


The country of origin of OLFA tools is of course Japan, and the Tokyo International Quilt Festival is the largest Quilters festival in the world. So big that it takes place at the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium - every year at the end of January / this year it was held on 25-31 January /. 
In addition to the main Grand Prix competition, the tradition of the festival is the preparation so-called Partnership Quilts with the participation of viewers of the popular television program NHK "Joy of Working with Hands". 
In 2018, festival guests could see 9141 blocks sent by viewers, the motif of which was the slogan "Tree of Life". Quilter Sanae Kono directed the production of 60 large-sized quilts, which traditionally at the end of the festival were drawn randomly among visitors who bought the right fate.
Next to each quilt, on the boards, are placed the names of the authors of each block. They also receive a brochure in which they can see their contribution to these social works.