OLFA - Japan's Top Inventions

In recent days, Japanese NHK television presented in the periodical program JAPAN'S TOP INVENTIONS /the behind-the-scenes tales of hit products and creations from Japan/, the story of "Snap-Off Utility Knives". 
This time authors focused on utility knives, whose blades - when they become blunt - can be snap-off, getting a sharp tool again. These knives were invented in 1956 by a Japanese who drew inspiration from the use of the philosophy of "Mottainai" 「も っ た い な い」 and ... chocolate! This philosophy makes us aware of an important civilizational principle - if you do not waste something, you can avoid the lack of something in the future.
The film reveals unknown, interesting moments related to the creation and spread of this revolutionary product, which changed the way the world thinks about utility knives.

You can watch it here .