FabLab Małopolska

Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a kind of small laboratory where you can implement your own ideas. It is a place for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, modelers, architects, artists and engineers who, using available materials and tools, create prototypes of devices and new inventions. FabLab Małopolska will be an open laboratory, accessible to individuals as well as entrepreneurs who want to create or verify the assumed assumptions of the model in a quick and cheap way or to make a prototype.

Created by Małopolska Regional Development Agency S.A. FabLab stationary in Krakow will meet all the criteria resulting from the operation of this type of entities. FabLab Małopolska is an offer of open access for individuals as well as for organized groups. In FabLab, there will be several equipped studios, within which individual and group work will be possible over various types of ideas and projects (eg diploma theses, prototypes, etc.). Space equipment will be min. devices for digital production and fabrication, i.e. 3D printers, CNC machine tools, laser cutters, plotters.

In FabLab Małopolska, a tailor's workshop is also created, which will enable both beginners and professionals to work. One of the many devices that can be used will be Longarm q 24 by Bernina. At FabLab you will also be able to use two Multi - Bernina embroidery machines

The FabLab planned by MARR S.A. will also have an economic dimension through cooperation with companies, incubation of start-ups, creation of innovations and motivation to search for more effective solutions.

Opening on October 17, 2018 (Wednesday), Kraków ul. Królewska 65a, at 11:00 am.